"Creating media that produces results"...

That is why Media People International is in business. Our clients sell more, communicate effectively and reach their targeted customers. The following information offers a sample of the "successes" that MPI has achieved for clients. When the opportunity arises, we would like the opportunity to discuss achieving results for your company.


Objective: To position the client as the primary resource for equine appraisals
and litigation consulting.

Project: Search Engine Optimization;

The Challenge: When Media People Intl. first became involved with NAES in August of 2003, the website was not ranking on the first 3 pages in the major search engines.

Results: The website is consistently listed on the first page of all major search engines, as a result of MPI's Search Engine Optimization techniques and internet marketing strategy.

Client: "…a 200% increase in client cases since the beginning of the year".


Objective: To demonstrate the client's capability to design and deliver a system to detect mayday calls, pinpoint the location of the source and coordinate rescue operations along the 95,000 mile U.S. coastline and interior waterways…in response to a request for proposals from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Project: General Dynamics Decision Systems: Semper Paratus, Always Ready.

The Challenge: To produce a video with a prototype system to make it appear as a fully functional within a very short timeframe.

Results: General Dynamics was awarded a $611 million contract to modernize the U.S. Coast Guard's 30-year-old search and rescue communication system.

Client: "…terrific job; we knew that we could count on you to get the job done. Showing all of the various scenarios was beneficial to the Coast Guard".


Objective: To reach college level students enrolled in schools specializing in electronics technology, promoting a Media People International television special on semiconductors.
Schools were located in 60 cities nation wide.

Project: Motorola Inc., Semiconductor Products Sector, "Seed to Semiconductor"

The Challenge: Coordinate timely ad placement in targeted publications in 60 cities.

Results: PBS and Motorola succesfully promoted the airing of the program with this nationwide launch.

Client: "…we were able to reach all of our targeted audience at a fraction of the cost that a large agency would have charged us".

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